Building materials

Building materials

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Materiały budowlane

Wall building materials

blocks, bricks, polystyrene, mineral wool, lintels, ceilings

Masa uszczelniająca

Isolation materials

insulating wool, roofing felt, sealing compound


Insulation materials

façade wool and expanded polystyrene, exterior plasters, adhesives, insulation mesh, plasterboard



preparations, adhesives, impregnates, joints, sealants, silicones, foams

Chimney and ventilation systems

chimneys, accessories, ventilation grille, inspection door, fan

Płyty gipsowe


gypsum plaster, board, acrylic, primers, accessories

Wyroby hutnicze

Metallurgical products

ribbed bars, hollow profiles and tubes, I-beams: IPN, IPE, HEA, HEB, T-bars, angle irons, flat bars, channel bars, wires and mesh, galvanized and black sheets, cold and hot rolled

Papa na dach


tile, guttering, battens, counter battens, bond, impregnation